Beginners guide to finding the right paddleboard

Looking for your next paddleboard? Read our inflatable SUP buyers’ guide

Why buy a SUP from Supreme Adventure Co?

First of all we aim to make it simple, by stocking quality products from established paddleboard manufacturers you will be guaranteed to be buying a proven, well designed and innovative product designed for delivering maximum enjoyment whenever you use it. So no matter which brand or product you choose rest assured you are in good hands.

So read on to find that perfect iSUP.

Why go inflatable?

What are my options you say! Well if you are considering getting out and discovering on the water then there are 2 options for you, a hard board and an inflatable SUP.

Developments in design and technology of the latest generation of Inflatable paddle boards mean that ISUPs now offer a level of performance which can seriously compete with hard boards. Paddle boarding is the fastest growing watersport in the UK and this is largely due to the ease of use and practicality offered by inflatable SUP boards that make it such a great choice.

If you don’t live on, or by the water then the transportation & storage of an inflatable paddleboard makes it a huge selling point. With sturdy compact bags, some with wheels they are easy to move around, be it on the train, in the car or campervan and with low weights you can even put it in the caravan. All this gives you the ability to get out and discover our beautiful coastline, rivers, lakes and lochs. After all it is “time to discover!”

Package iSUP

All of our packages are designed with simplicity in mind, offering you a board and equipment specific to your requirement but taking the hassle out of deciding which board with what paddle etc. The brands we stock have taken the pain away and complied the best possible packages for you.

Each inflatable paddle board comes with a SUP paddle, leash, pump and storage bag, each package will have supporting images of the accessories that come with each package.

Plus there is free shipping on all Inflatable Paddle board packages.

All packages come with either an Alloy or Carbon Nylon Paddle, depending on the brand and package that you have chosen.

So which paddle board is right for me?

Again with so many to chose from we are here to keep it as simple as we can. the best way is to come in and see us but if that’s not an option then there are some simple guides to choosing.

Who is using it – Is this just for you or are the family and kids going to be using it, if its multiple use then its important you get the best possible all round option, your 10 year old child won’t get the same enjoyment trying to paddle a 34” wide 6” thick board as say a rider over 5’ 9” and 80kg+.

Remember each brand has its own recommended board / rider package so its worth taking the time to check these out first. All of our quality brands produce multi product lines to ensure you get the possible fit, remember its very rare that one product fits all so don’t just pop down your high street/retail park and expect to get the best possible inflatable paddle board for you.

Where are you using it –  open water (sea), lakes, rivers or a bit of surf? Again the quality brands we offer will tend to offer specific boards for each type or paddle boarding be it specific river/touring boards, wind and surf or just a decent all round inflatable paddle board.

Wider boards will usually add to the stability, as will rails with added thickness and volume.

A surf or wave SUP will usually be shorter, these boards also often have increased rockers and conceived hulls towards the tail.

Many of us want the option to enjoy flat water cruises and small surf, so a hybrid or all-round SUP is a great choice.

If you are just looking for something to just mess around with – something fun for the family, then stick to all-round and beginner SUP’s

Budget –  We like to think we have a quality inflatable paddle board package for all budget conscious people so check out our paddle boards and descriptions to help you choose. but do remember in most scenarios you get what you pay for so some of those high street offers aren’t as good as you think and one board size doesn’t fit all!

In the end the right board is the board that meets your goals and demands as above, whatever those are we have the inflatable paddle board for you.

Don’t just take our word for it!

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